Flappy Dunk App Reviews

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Used to enjoy it

This game was cool until an add/virus started popping up while playing and opening your browser without you doing anything wish they would fix it!

It’s alright.

I used to really be on the game. It was fun and very entertaining. But then it started glitching a lot which made me mess up a lot. Then, it got even worse. In the middle of the game, it started redirecting to me to other websites. I hope that’s fixed. I am considering deleting the game.



Fix the adds

This is ridiculous. This would be a very good game except if a video of a dog comes up when your in the middle of a 20+ “splash” streak and ends the game, you’ve got issues. I’ve played this for a while now and all the adds were kind of annoying but not too bad. After this kind of thing you can’t even finish a single game. I would reconsider downloading again if you stopped some of those adds because I’m not paying $2.99 for the game either way.


This game was super fun and addicting at first, but then this dog food ad kept coming up, but that wasn’t the annoying part. After a day or two, the ad started coming up every time I was playing the game, which completely ruins it because when the ad is over my game is over so it’s really hard to get a high score. The dog food ad even comes up during other ads, I think this completely ruins the game and that the makers need to fix it for the game to be fun.


I really love the game! But there are too many adds and I have to keep clicking out of them and it keeps bringing me to some website when I’m in the middle of a game. It’s so annoying.


There’s a dumb puppy ad and it won’t go away and when I’m playing the ad will randomly pop up!! I was had 198 and the puppy ad POPPED UP AND KILLED ME.

So glitchy

This game glitches every time I die and then sometimes I die without dying.Good game but glitchy. :(

Boring game, Ads ruin it

Ads pop up while im in the middle of the game and cause me to lose. Thumbs down

It’s so addictive

I can’t stop playing this game

Very Addictive

It’s fun and challenging. I know it’s a free app and ads help pay for the updates. Banner ads are not in the way but, every two tries a 15 to 30 second ad starts. Hard to get in the groove with the ads. I paid for the ad free version. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy the game. Plenty of things open up to customize game play. Very well done.

Great addicting game

The ads are a pain to deal with because some of them are long, but the game is great!


Fun game but even the free version has WAY too many ads. I get ads popping up in the middle of a level. Would be really fun without the ads. Deleted app

Greedy devs

This app is cancer. Literally plays an ad every 3 runs not to mention the crawler app at the bottom that will occasionally pop itself up. Honestly, I get it, it’s free money, but my god this game is unplayable because of the ads and not worth the money to upgrade to free version. Stay greedy.


This app is fun and all but it glitches and every time that I loose it replays the same stupid add!!! What the mess!?! I'm really agitated and it aggravates that this keeps happening. And why play an add for the second chance thing if you are going to play an add anyway?! This makes no since at all. I'm about to delete this app if it continues to have troubles. Please fix this and I'll rate this five stars and I'll tell a lot of people about this app.

How much I love this game so much

Really awesome game I can’t go an hour without playing it such a good game thx for making become a thing!!!!!❤️💗❣️

Too many ads but good game overall

After every round I play there’s a 30 second ad, that’s why I might have to delete this because it’s really annoying

To many ads

You guys should stop showing a lot of ads it annoys me

Very bad

This game is just ads

Best game ever

This is the best game ever because there is not many ads and the hoops, wings, and balls are cool. Awesome game I love ❤️❤️❤️💕it


Such a fun yet simple game

Awesome .. but

Awesome I love the game and it’s so much fun and addicting but the adds get old and we should only have them to get second chances. Sometimes also the game lags.

Don’t download this game!

This game is very hard and there is to many ads and other things to cover up content! I do not recommend this game to anyone and if you already have, DELETE IT! It is one of the worst games I have ever played in my life and I give it zero stars any day of the week.

Hate the ads

Love the game and paid to have ads removed. STILL HAVE ADS and have to wait 30 seconds to continue playing. Guess I need a refund since I still have ads!!!!!

To many ads

There are to many ads I try to pass a level and try again AD Ughhh I don’t like that and please get rid of them!!!!!


To be honest the game is pretty cool, however, i think it’s probably the games with the most ads I’ve seen in my life👎 10% games 90% ads

Best Game ever

Best game in the world

Funny And Satisfying!

This is a simple but addictive game. I also like the challenges and collecting skins. One problem is the ads in the middle of when I play sometimes scams come up. I’m not sure if it’s me or the game but the concerns me. But other than that this is a fun great game 4/5

I like it but...

It has way too many ad’s and it is not easy to beat levels or get swishes.

Too much


It’s amazing but one thing needs to change!

This game is awesome! It might look a little boring to you (it did to me in ads!) but then I decided to download it and I’m obsessed with this game!! It’s extremely fun! I was totally not expecting it to be this good but there is one think that needs to change, we need to be able to get second chances without ads! Ever if you do have to have the ads, could you at least try to do it like every other time we use a second chance? It would just make this app soooo much better! (I would give it more then a five star if it had less ads though.) I will definitely show this app to my friends! Thank you for a great app!

Who loves this game?

Tessa loves this game..

Fun but dumb ads

This is a really simple, yet entertaining game that keeps the user coming back for more and more, yet half way through games it will reroute you to a fake amazon ad on safari. I find to be getting more and more of these as I play and it continues to ruin the experience for me. I am at the point right now where I am pondering deleting the game because of these excessive and irritating ads popping up multiple times through the actual game play. If your willing to pay three dollars to remove ads, I recommend this game but otherwise I would advise against downloading it.

So Fun

This game is so extremely fun and addicting SO MUCH FUN If I could I would rate it more than 5 stars!!!

Flappy dunk

1st number 3 is way to hard because it's moveing I'm telling my daddy to sew this game then it will be no more game so you fix Number 3 then I won't tell my daddy okay thanks bye now

Way too much ads

I’m fine with the ads for the free games, ‘cause that’s how developers earn money. But it is way too much ads. The ads pop up while I’m playing and make me lose. The game open my Safari thousand times even when I’m still playing and lead me to the page - $1000 Amazon or Walmart gift card. It’s so stupid


An addicting game but wayyyyy too many ads


It’s a great game honestly, I spend a lot of time on my phone because of it... but the ads come’on calm down. Over all tho... great game

4 stars

Its good and all, but its not a 5 star game

5 STAR !!

It's pretty addicting to be honest idk why. 😂




In the middle of a game, it Keeps bringing over to a page that says lucky amazon winner.

Love it so much!!!

I first found this amazing app when I had an addiction to one of voodoos other games, “dune”. My brother started playing flappydunk around the same time. My best score is 776. On the add it says only one percent can make it to 120. I love this game and even though sometimes it is frustrating or hard, I always have a challenge and that is a great game!


Whenever I’m about to finish a challenge a stupid ad pops up out of nowhere and before I know it I’m in Safari for no reason! Then I have to do the whole challenge over again!!😡

Ads make this game almost unplayable

Every three games (wins or losses), you are forced to endure an ad. You are forced to view these adds before you can proceed to another game, then 3 wins/losses later, yup, another ad.


Great App! Also Pro-Tip- Turn On Airplane Mode For No Adds

One problem

The game is great! I like it, but there’s one problem, and it’s not the ads. It’s lag! Dunno if anyone else has the problem. It wouldn’t be that bad, but when it lags, I can't flap. I hope you can fix this problem soon!


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Flappy Dunk

I love this game!! But unfortunately, there are way to many ads! If it weren’t for ads this would be the BEST shame ever. Thanks


A game shouldn’t have so many adds interruptions. Especially adds that open to an external cite and try to steal bank account information. No I do not want a $1000 amazon gift card for being the millionth visitor FOR THE FORTH TIME

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