Flappy Dunk App Reviews

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Great game! Just one problem.

As I said, great game. Just one problem. When I play it glitches, and I lose. Other than that, great game.

Good but sometimes....

Look Flappy dunk is a good game, really fun and I like it. But the only thing that's annoying is that every time that I get a pretty high score, whenever I want I click second chance it shows an ad first of all that I can't skip, second of all THIRY seconds! And so when the ad is finished, It just stops like if there was no net work and I die.

Cool Game

This was a game that I would always play before even looking at others. Thanks for creating this game it is amazing but I hate how one of the normal challenges is a mirror challenge please change that.

Good...but the ads

All the ads just drain the fun. It’s a good game, but pls just stop the ads


Ads makes it slow and completely unplayable

Time Passer

GREAT game to pass time. Just wish it didn't have ads


gust right

No ad version still has ads? Why? I paid for no ads

Iv purchased the Ad free version and yet there is still ads lol. What why? Please fix annoyed to say the least

Dont get

There is no need for this many ads. I literally deleted the game because i spent more time watching add then playing. If you cut the ad amount in half you would have a higher play rate which would cause for a greater amount of ads to be seen. Rather than showing 10 ads every minute and having people quit cause you can barely play the game. I refuse to play an Voodoo games because of this. They are all the same!

Good game

When you’re bored and are on a plane, in a hurricane, anytime there is no internet, PLAY THIS GAME!!

Great game

I love flappy dunk it’s the perfect game to play when your bored but it is a little bit glitchy but other than that it’s great game and I highly recommend it.

Glitchy play is infuriating

Fun game for a quick waste of a few minutes. But glitchy play is infuriating when playing a game like this because all of a sudden you’re game over because it glitches for a split second

Made it to 50!!!!

When I saw the add it said only 1% could make it to 50, so I said “wanna bet!” So I tried and I finally got to 50!!!!! (59) just wanted to say I got to 50 :)

Love the Game but now crashes.

I played this game for so long and after a while I stopped playing it for a week or 2 and today I wanted to play so I got on and it was perfect until I saw the green flame I wanted it and I was one skin away so I tried to get another one that made it so you had to end the game at 42 points but when I got it to 23 it crashed. So I tried again. I made it to 31 and then it crashes again. I tried one last time and got to 39 and then it crashes. Please fix it so it stops crashing. Thank you. Still a great game! 👍

Developer help

I paid to remove the ads a while back but have had issues with it recently. The App Store page shows that I have purchased the ad free version but I have been getting ads. I like the game but these incessant ads could ruin sex with Olivia Wilde. I didn’t know of any other forum to raise my concern but if a developer could contact me I would appreciate it.

Flappy Dunk Review

I do enjoy flappy dunk. It is a good game, but for me it is always very slow and glitchy. This may be just because I have a older device.


I would love this game if it weren’t for the incredible lag. I can barely play this.

Too Many Ads

The amount of ads this game has is absurd. Almost every time I lose I see an ad. Twenty second ones to be exact. Sure, it’s a fun game, but don’t be surprised when you see 5 ads a minute.

Very annoying ads

Holy crab..... i couldnt even play the game


I thought this game would be fun but with the glitches and lag it is near impossible to play.

Way to many adds

To many adds

It’s ok.

When you first get the game you are in love with it. But then the ads start getting to you. I say less ads!!!!!!!

Ads don’t disappear

I Purchased this game for my five-year-old son and the ads don’t disappear. It is quite annoying when you spend money and the ads keep popping up. Some of the ads are inappropriate for five-year-olds. I had to ask the app support in order to have them removed. I haven’t heard back yet.

Too much adds!!!!!!!!

I hate all the adds

How about you add one ad or none

That is WAY to much ads, although other than that there’s no bugs or anything! The ads have to go though...... PLEASE! THEIR KILLING ME!

10/10 but

I hated these ads so much man I wish there was a gift that can give me no ads just for 1 hour

Fix this game!

I would actually give this game 4 1/2 stars. I loved this game but suddenly it started lagging SUPER bad. It will freeze while I'm in the air the replay and I'm on the ground. Could you plz fix my favorite game? Idk if it is because I have an iPod or what...


Very fun game when bored

Great game, Ads can be annoying

Flappy dunk is a great reincarnation of flappy bird. I like the fact that the swish multiplier now keeps going instead of stopping at 4...however, like all games, the ads can be very annoying. It seems that every time I play, an ad interferes with my play. It's like right before an ad is about to come up at the bottom of the screen, the screen goes a little crazy and ruins my run (usually in the beginning of the game). Other than that, a highly addictive game!

Awesome game toooo many ads

Its a very fun and nice game but there are way too many ads I just want to play my game and not keep having to log out and come back in just because of an ad. Yes there is ad free but who wants to pay $3 to get rid of ads when people can just get rid of the game


I’ll tell you one this I don’t like that you guys change the game every time it has to be the normal one leave it as flappy dunk don’t change them to JUMPY DUNK! Like stop it’s not fun. And I know most of us all agree to this and I get that it’s your job but like I really love things to be left as the originals🙄🙃 If you agree to these types of changers like and also keep as originals never change them!!! :))

New update bad

I love this game it's probably the best and most addicting and fun game but the new update made something happen and now it freezes when I play and goes to different pages in the middle of me playing. It has a bunch more ads now too but like I said the worst part is the pauses and freezing while I'm playing. Please fix because I love this game !

Merge dragon add

The actual app is all good, but there’s this add for “Merge Dragon” that doesn’t give me the option to X it out, the only option is clicking and going to the App Store. So every time I have to close the app completely and restart. It’s just realllly annoying and seems like a glitch

Don’t pay for “No Ads”

I love the game and spent the $3 for no Ads however after a short while there are now mini ads in the home screen in the middle. You don’t have to watch it or anything and you can still play without interruption but it’s right in the middle and it’s still an Ad. I’ve clicked it by accident several times and it takes you to a different screen which is annoying. They should change the wording from No Ads to some Ads even if you spend the $3.

Good game but lag

This is a very good. Game to waste time on, but every time I get the ball in the hoop, it lags a lot :(


I enjoy the game, but every time I enter the game and get anywhere past 20, I will be randomly glitched out, and no data will have been saved.

Too many adds

I love this game but there are way too many adds and this one flaw makes you want to delete the game. But other than that I could play this game all day !

Fun but crashes

I really like this game but it’s crashing every time I open it. :(

Fun but

Simple and repetitive, plus the ads are annoying... but if you got time to waste, this is pretty good to waste it on.

In-Game Ads Ruined It

Loved the game before there were ads down the bottom. It lags now and ruins gameplay. Don’t waste your time.

Months of entertainment

I’ve been playing this for months. I often spend my time waiting in lines or in waiting rooms playing. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. There isn’t a learning curve, so it’s just mindless entertainment. It’s great.


Love the game. However purchased the ad free upgrade by accident with Touch ID and still getting ads.

Awesome game love it so much 😍

It is an awesome game you don’t need to even pay so much fun gets you motivated to get a higher score and is great for killing time


This game is very fun and addictive I LOVE it

Addicted to this game but lots of issues

I feel like with every update there is more and more glitches. Whether it freezes and makes you lose or it doesn’t respond, there are more glitches every day that make it harder to play. Although I am completely addicted to this game it really needs to be fixed before they add anymore stuff.


Is it true that only one percent can reach fifty? That’s what it said in the add. I got way past that... Please tell me if that is still true Also, can you please add more challenges and skins? I’ve done them all, and really want more! Overall great game. 👍👍

Love the new flames!!!!

The flames are so fun to play with but there should be a rainbow one also more levels because I already unlocked everything and the game is SUPER FUN!!


It is so AMAZINGGGGGGG It is so addicting but in a good way


Super fun

Purchased ad free and still get ads

I purchased the 2.99 as free version and surprise, I still get ads. Attempted to contact support, no luck and no response.

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