Flappy Dunk App Reviews

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So fun to play and easy!


There are toooooooooooooo many adds

Pretty good

Great game but if u don’t buy it to get rid of the ads it’s really difficult to enjoy . I don’t mind ads but these ads on this app is so long .

Fun but...

The game is a hole lot better than flappy bird Evan know it’s incredibly similar and it’s very addictive but not rage enduring or anything but the thing that made my give it three stars instead of four or five is the near fact the the amount of adds that your forced to watch in the app is apsolutly absurd

Really fun buuuttttt....

Wish you could have a few lives instead of dying after one mess up... I know there’s a second chance but just wish there were lives

I HATE ADS!!!!!!!

This game is pretty good except for the ads. THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! Sometimes when i start an endless mode game it just gives me an ad and doesn't even let me play. Also, if I have a really high score in endless mode it stops my game and gives me an ad even if i didn’t die yet.


To laggy!

Love this game so much for all of us but...

To many challenges to complete and i can't get my screen to be normal again there you go... FIX IT!




This game is really fun and addicting, but voodoo needs to take off all these ads or at least have less but overall this game is 👍🏽 great

It's awesome

Its kinda like a stress game with things that give you stress


It kicked me out of the game...I had about 20 swishes in a row and then it didn’t save it.

Love it but to much ads

Every time I die from a game a ad when I'm in the middle of a game AD TO MUCH FREAKING ADS also FIX YOU GLITCHES


great game but it lags a lot so I always miss the baskets

Great But Too Many adds

Very fun and unique game but it has way retook many adds and it’s annoying not getting to play it when you want cause of the adds


There is like an ad after every single game. Ugh 😑 this needs to be fixed! Also some of these levels are like impossible. Especially when there's so many adds

Fun game but..

Way too many adds.

Great game

I like it when I'm bored I don't get a lot of time to play and it's challenging but other games catch my attention more


I love this game this game

Wish they had less adds

I love the game, but the only thing is that the game has an add at the end of every game or at the end of every other game, witch is really annoying and all the adds are ushawaly about 20-30 seconds long.

Too many ads

The gameplay is ruined by having too many ads that you are forced to watch full screen. I deleted the app within 15min.


Great game in general


I love this game but promise me do not play this at work


Isn’t it unfortunate that it glitches when I have WiFi on and when I turn the WiFi off, it doesn’t glitch? It doesn’t make sense.

Very addicting

This game I barely got it 11/17/2017 and I can not stop playing is so fun!!!!👌🏽👌🏽

Great game


Every time it goes in accounts it wrong


Absolutely Awesome

Flappy Dunk is my favorite game on this iPhone. It’s awesome, there’s so many challenges, and earning pretty skin colors is so much fun! Nothing beats this game. They should definitely make a Flappy Dunk 2. 🏀🏀🏀


Very addictive

Too many ads

Way too many ads


I decided to get this game bc some of my friends were playing it. At first it was really fun but then ads started popping up out of nowhere and i cant stand it anymore. Im deleting this app right now. I might download it again if voodoo allows less ads to show up, but for now, this app is gone


Ads ads ads ads all I see is ads after every turn and sometimes randomly in the middle of a game which causes lag and I can never finish games. Please tone down on the ads I love the game but it’s soooo annoying

The game is awesome

It’s a really good game don’t play it while doing your homework or your job also u can get new basketballs and wings for it which is really cool! I do enjoy this game it’s really addictive. I promise you you will enjoy this game really much because it’s soo awesome!!!! You won’t regret getting this game that’s why I put it at 5 stars


I used to play ROBLOX all day but until I downloaded this game I have been addicted. 5 out of 5 stars!


It really really fun and I play on it all the time

More commercial time than game time. Seriously.

Took my first shot, got a 21 second commercial. Then the app crashed. Tried another shot and got a long commercial. Lame.

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This game is very fun and addicting. It would be cool if you could change the background just like you can your ball

Game is fun

This game is fun but there are WAY TOO MANY ADS! Ridiculous that just about every time I get a basket an ad pops up. If voodoo doesn’t lower the amount of ads soon- I will be deleting this game.


There is way too many glitches while I am playing, it tends to mess me up

Where is my dang skin

I wanted to match my hoop ball and wings so I did the challenge for the hoop i got the challenge right and got happy but I ain't get no dang hoop so now I have to get to forty two again to get this hoop ahhhhhhh


such a fun fun game

Paid for No Ads. Still getting Ads

Paid the $2.99 for Ad removal. But still keep getting Ads. What gives?!??




At first it was a little bit lame but with the new update , it's AWESOME you can put color to almost anything and new levels.Smart but should really get thoes ads outta here!


I just started playing and it's already a little habit forming. I have to unlock everything!





This game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome and cool and gangsta


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