Flappy Dunk App Reviews

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This is fun

I love dis game pLz PLAY IT 😁

I love it

I love it so much


It’s a good game to play

Great concept

Nothing bad

Flappy Dunk

I love the game so much and it’s fun to get new balls and wings

positive and negatives

this game is pretty addictive YES but the ads are super obnoxious. some ads are up to 30 seconds and come after almost every single round . plus this game freezes up a lot

Good game

But I get an add every time I fail, no matter if I have to if I want to revive

The lag

The lag gets so annoying cause all the stupid ads that pop up

Cool, but an issue

Sometimes when it says I’ve unlocked something, it doesn’t give me it. But none the less a great game to play when your bored!

I have something to say

It is to slow 😈

To much ads

This thing has to much ads just because I loose I need to watch an ad

Might as well be the worst game ever

Way to many glitches .

Game is fire


Ads with premium???

I purchased the premium quite a while back, now ads are starting to show up? 1 star until this is fixed.

Possible Fix

It would be really nice to know the number of hoops in each challenge so the user can know how close or far they are from finishing when they lose.

This is kind of dime

I hate this game it so hard


Too many adds and pop ups. Not worth the 2.99 to get rid of them either.


good game, but way too many ads. there is typically an ad between every game you play and you have to watch a majority of it before you can skip.


I love flappy dunk It is the best game I have ever had and it’s free

It's Gucci

It's like playing basketball but of a lot of NyQuil


I literally just got this game and it is so laggy I end up missing every single time and when ever I tap something it freezes 😡🤬👿 it also has a a bug to sorry to developers but fix ur game

Flappy Dunk Review 2018

A great, fun game for kids! Easy to win, but hard to complete!


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Flappy Dunk is Awesome

It is so fun to play and whenever I feel hyped I play this to calm me down. Although this game gets on my nerves sometimes I still love it!

So fun!!

Love this game so addicting!!!


It is ok but I don’t like all the vibration I am deleting and never getting it back again I had it before and I was giving another chance but not any more


I love it just never play it in work


Good game when you’re bored or just want something to pass the time. Understandable that ads are necessary for free but The 30 second adds are really annoying after every 3rd try especially when you’re doing the challenges. Fun but Not worth paying for no adds version.

Glitches and swish

Honestly, the glitching makes it near impossible to complete challenges like “complete 10 easy games in a row without failing.” You can’t achieve the swishes due to the glitches half the time. I enjoy playing the game but after three days trying to complete this one challenge I’m over it. Way too many ads. Come on Voodoo let us play like 10 rounds in the challenge area before forcing us to watch an ad. Having to watch an ad after every time you miss the third swish is just ridiculous.


Love the game keeps me occupied

Good game but ads...

First of all I love the and stuff and all of the different hoops and levels but the ads it’s so annoying to watch these stupid ads and even some are inappropriate and I don’t like it myself to spend money on a stupid thing lower the price for goodness sake just please fix this and if you do thank you.



Too many adds

This game is really good except I think that there are too many advertisements. But other than that I really like it

I love it

I love this game it’s so fun



Great game! But the ads kill me

Great games that will never go out of style . So additive with all its many skins and challenges. I understand when it wants me to watch a ad when I want a second chance. But even when u don’t want a second chance it pops a ad up , pops a ad when u lost, pops a ad when u win, pops a add for anything!!! Ugh! So many ads . But I still love this game


Much easier than Flappy Bird

Flappy Dunk

This is the best game in the world so make sure to get the game in the App Store for free


This game is fun but makes me want to kill me

Good game but lag

This is a good game and it is fun to play while bored or if you don’t have WiFi, but when you play it sometimes lags and then when I’m about to finish a hard challenge, it lags me and then I don’t finish it and I have to restart. It’s a fun game but please do fix the lag because it makes me not want to play if I’ll just keep losing because of lag

I hate this game it’s SUPPER BORING

This game stinks I’m deleting it.

Flappy Dunk Review

Nice game! I can’t stop playing it! 👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

super addicting

love this game!!


This game is so much fun I love it. Not is it only fun for me it is fun for little ones. I can play for hours and never get bored. - yours truly ThE RaTeR

Pretty good game

It’s a fun game to play when you’re bored. There are quite a few ads though.

Flappy dunk

It is really glitches a lot

جيده العبه

جيده العبه


I love it


Very laggy

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